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Yep!Chinese, start your Chinese journey with us!

Here at Yep!Chinese you can really enjoy learning Chinese through our unmatched variety of lesson topics. Other traditional ways of learning Chinese can be both costly and overly time-consuming, plus the risk that you’ll be learning out-of-date words and expressions that we no longer use. Languages are constantly evolving, and the featured content at Yep!Chinese is just the same – we’re always updating to bring you the latest, easiest-to-use and practical features. Our goal is not just to teach you Chinese, but also to make learning Chinese your habit. In fact, we believe that learning with us is far from difficult as we become your closest companion on your Chinese journey.


Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re working out, on the way to work, making breakfast or even travelling in China, with Yep!Chinese you can learn simply at the click of a button! Our ten-minute lessons are bite-size chunks of all you need to know about Chinese language and culture!


Learn, Discover, Explore

Any learner of Chinese can find one of our channels for your needs. There are three general types of channel at Yep!Chinese: Learn, Discover and Explore.


Learn is our core service where you can find any topic from a range of lessons to spark your interest. Each lesson is based on a dialogue designed to give you the most authentic and contemporary spoken Chinese, all clearly explained by a qualified Chinese teacher and host. These lessons are specifically tailored for anyone on a busy working schedule looking to improve their Chinese through short, focused fifteen-minute lessons, each coming with explanatory notes. By completing the lessons on our Learn channel you’ll experience a simpler and more effective learning experience. We at Yep!Chinese believe learning doesn’t have to be a hard slog, it can be a relaxed and enjoyable experience!


Discover is full of a wide range of extra learning resources. In these relaxed and humorous shows our focus is not just to help you learn the language, but also to give you a more rounded understanding of Chinese culture and everyday life. Whenever you want to probe a bit deeper into the language, the Discover channel will always have something of interest for you. The further you are on your Chinese journey the more we at Yep!Chinese can help you discover the language.


Explore will help you get to know the real China by giving you the latest news from China from both a global and domestic perspective. From the economy to sport, lifestyle to society, Explore will also help you learn Chinese by putting together appropriate and authentic extracts from the news, which can be used simultaneously for learning about the country and practicing your listening and reading. Each news extract comes with explanations of key words and sentences, making Explore a great practical tool for building your vocabulary.



At Yep!Chinese you’ll see that we provide lessons and resources for all levels of Chinese learner. Our levels are in part determined by the proficiency descriptors of the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test, yet we’ve also retained a few of our own characteristics, as explained below.


Beginner level suits someone new to Chinese. After going through the basics of Chinese pronunciation in the Start-Up channel, you can start your Chinese journey proper. Here you’ll get lesson dialogues focusing on short and simple high-frequency Chinese vocabulary and sentences, which through our systematic method of repeat and review will make the process of learning both easier and more stimulating. After completing around twenty lessons you can prepare for the next level.


Elementary level suits learners with some limited prior experience of learning Chinese. Entering this level you will already have a basic vocabulary of around 150-200 words and phrases. The lesson dialogues will be a little longer than beginner and the host will gradually use a bit more Chinese. But you needn’t worry, each level at Yep!Chinese is designed to progress naturally to the next so you won’t feel too big a ‘jump’. After completing around thirty lessons you can then prepare to go to the next level.


Intermediate level is suitable for learners who are familiar with approximately 600 words and can comfortably use short and simple sentences to express themselves. The lesson hosts will again use more Chinese than in elementary, and you will be introduced to a wider range of grammar and different ways of expressing the same meaning. Once you’ve completed around forty lessons you can go on to the next level. In order to help your smooth progression, you’ll find some words, sentence structures and situations repeated across levels.


Upper-Intermediate level is suitable for learners who are familiar with about 1500 words and can use relatively complex sentences to communicate with native Chinese speakers and express more abstract concepts. At this level the lesson hosts will use Chinese as much as possible in order to provide learners with a broader context and fuller explanation. On top of this you’ll come across common and specialized vocabulary, colloquialisms, and even Chinese idioms! Lessons at this level are designed to help you communicate in a Chinese language environment with more fluency and confidence. After completing around fifty lessons you can prepare for our highest level.


Advanced level students should already be able to smoothly express themselves in a Chinese language environment using a broad range of vocabulary and appropriate register, yet still require more nuanced instruction in specific contexts. At this level lesson hosts will exclusively use Chinese at the natural speed of a native speaker, and you can of course expect more idiomatic language and nomenclature. Advanced learners can also really benefit from the selected news extracts available on our Explore channel.


Furthermore, you’ll always be able to find some similarities between adjacent levels or something in a lesson that you’re already familiar with, while the degree of difficulty of our lessons and levels complies with accepted progression standards in second language learning. This basically means that whenever you move up a level it shouldn’t feel too difficult to adapt, by eradicating the problematic ‘jump’ from one level to the next.


Topic and Dialogue

All the channels are linked according to topics and you can search by topic to find any lesson, program or item of news that fits your needs. We believe one reason why so many learners find Chinese so difficult is because they lack sufficient context when learning new words and sentences. In addition, many rigid Chinese courses that just start from ‘nǐ hǎo’ and then move on have become tedious and ineffective. However, here at Yep!Chinese we’re providing a learning experience based on topics. By being able to start from whatever contextual need or interest you may have, you’ll find learning a language can suddenly be much more interesting. We want our wide range of ‘topic-based’ lessons to give you more choice as well as being more in line with your practical needs. Whatever lesson you choose you’ll be able to use the Chinese immediately afterwards, whether with friends, at school or at work, especially as our dialogues reflect the actual Chinese spoken in China today. Moreover, our dialogues often form part of a series that expand on the topic you wish to learn.


Sharing and Exchange

The reason we learn a language is to share and communicate with others, and here at Yep!Chinese we want to help you achieve this goal. Not only can you chat with our experienced team of teachers and ask them questions, you can also connect with Chinese learners from around the world and share your learning experience. We’re also always open to your ideas and suggestions and making them happen. It’s our hope that after using Yep!Chinese you’ll get in touch with us and share any ideas you have for useful and interesting lesson topics. Remember we want to hear from you! We also hope you can help us enlarge our community by sharing Yep!Chinese with friends, teachers and colleagues. By closely working on the feedback from you, we hope to provide you and every other learner the most up-to-date and stimulating platform for learning Chinese.


Yep!Chinese, with you all the way on your Chinese journey!

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